What is shamanism?

Shamanism is an active and empowering approach to working with spirit that brings many rewards.
The term 'shamanism' is used to describe spiritual practices which were once found across all cultures and tribes. The word 'shaman' probably comes from the word šamán - a word used by the Evenki tribe in Siberia, which loosely translates as 'one who sees in the dark', or 'healer'.

A shaman is someone who is able to alter their consciousness at will, and journey into the realm of spirit, communicating with the spirit world on behalf of the community. The realm of spirit is often represented in the form of a tree, with its roots in the Lower World, its branches in the Upper World, and the Middle World around its trunk. The shaman, working with spirit guides and power animals, travels between these realms to gain information to benefit the community; also, to drive out negative energies, and bring about healing.

In the modern Western world, most of us do not now live in tribal communities, but shamanic practices remain relevant to our lives and shamanic journeying techniques can be very effective in identifying the cause and nature of a problem, finding a solution and carrying out healing work at the level of spirit.

I am a fully trained shamanic practitioner, which is not to be confused with an authentic tribal shaman, but is a person who is able to use traditional and ancient techniques in a modern context. I have learned how to use specific techniques to alter my state of consciousness in order to journey into other realities, working with my power animals and spirit guides to seek guidance and healing for myself and for others. Training in and following the shamanic path has had a profound effect upon my life, healing old wounds, shifting unwanted energies, and helping me to live in a way that feels more authentic for me. Having followed this path for some time for my own growth and development, I am now drawn to share these techniques and skills with others, through one to one shamanic healing, and through journey circles and workshops. Please see the  Upcoming Events page and my Shamanima Facebook page for details.