Energy loss, or 'soul loss' can be caused by many things, such as shock, trauma, stress, and abuse. Under these circumstances, a part of the soul takes flight and seeks refuge in other realms, in order to survive the situation intact. Where soul loss has occurred, there is often a feeling of depletion, of decreased vitality or essence, and the shamanic healer will journey with specialist spirit guides to find the lost soul part in the other worlds, bringing it 'back home'. This work is known as ‘soul retrieval’ and can bring about a profound shift in a person's sense of themselves and their place in the world.

As a shamanic practitioner, and working with spirit allies and helpers, I have carried out soul retrievals, past life healing, space clearing and extraction work. Please have a look at the  testimonials for some of the feedback I have received on this. It lifts my heart to know that I have been able to bring about healing in people's lives and to see them regain their confidence and self-esteem as a result of this work.

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What is shamanic healing?

Shamanic healing is healing that takes place at a soul level. It is one of the oldest healing practices, going back thousands of years and has been practised by indigenous cultures worldwide. In tribal cultures, the shaman was and is a mediator between the community and the realm of spirit. The shaman, working with spirit allies and helpers, is able to enter into other realities and communicate with the spirit world on behalf of the community, bringing back information and knowledge for the benefit of the tribe. Shamanism is atttracting more and more interest among non-tribal cultures, as people realise the importance of connecting with nature and spirit, and seek to bring ceremony and spirituality more deeply into their lives. 

Fundamental to shamanism is the belief that everything has a spirit, an energy, and that this energy can be worked with, when appropriate, to bring about healing and promote greater well-being. A shamanic practitioner will gain knowledge through working with the spirits of nature and the land, as well as the spirits of animals and the ancestors. In shamanic practice, health issues are viewed as being connected to the loss of energy, or power, and the shamanic practitioner will work with their spirit guides and power animals to address this and bring about healing. In this way, the practitioner acts as 'a hollow bone', through which spirit can work.