The shamanic journey that I experienced with Alyson was very powerful. For me it was the first time and I was a little worried about how it would go. But Alyson was so kind and gentle and explained everything very well in advance. The journey was beautiful and Alyson made me feel safe and well cared for during the whole session. She sent me her feedback within an hour of the journey which was very comforting and helpful. I can wholeheartedly recommend Alyson for this kind of journeying.

Suman Natarajan (Ayurvedic practitioner and healer), The Netherlands

I was very inspired when Alyson spoke to me about the Soul Retrieval work she was practising. I hadn't experienced this before and asked if I could be a subject. I found Alyson to be very patient and genuinely interested in events in my past. She explained precisely how the stages of these sessions would proceed which made me feel comfortable also being of a similar spiritual pathway I was at ease.

During one particular session, the result was different from what either of us would have expected. Alyson then spent extra time and effort to help me work through it. She remained very focused on our objectives and selfless in giving her time. I particularly liked her calm and positive manner.

At the end of our sessions I had a great sense of closure on some very unpleasant baggage I had carried, and a sense of clarity and being my own self. Alyson has also checked on how I continue to feel. I would unhesitatingly recommend Alyson to anyone who is interested in Soul Retrieval work.

D.R., Hampshire, UK 

I had two sessions with Alyson. I met my power animal and a new guide. I'm still working with them on a daily basis. I recommend her. She works with great integrity and openness.

Linda, Wiltshire, UK 

Alyson made me feel very relaxed when she started on the meditation, which was a soul journey to look at my past life and try to heal my soul. The start of the meditation was very relaxing. The journey and the end results were very uplifting and made a lot of sense to me. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would definitely have another. It was very relaxing and a brilliant experience. I would recommend Alyson any day.

Beccy, Hampshire

My amazing contact was made at a distance: an assessment journey, which Alyson followed with a full report to me. This resonated completely with trauma which I had experienced as a child, and which has followed me throughout my life. The wonderful, safe and careful words of her report brought into focus how I could move on, how the healing was working. They brought a beautiful peace.

CMEF, Hampshire, UK

Today's journey was an eye opener … An experience beyond words … A few days later I had a fabulous dream. It was a celebration being held for me … and all of my friends and family, past, present and future were there... I felt I belonged in a way I had not experienced since being a small child. Thank you Alyson, this has been a life changer.

Diane, Hampshire, UK 

Following the break up of a relationship at least 22 years ago I was still troubled by frequent disturbing dreams containing situations which involved my ex-partner. I felt trapped and threatened in these dreams. After working with this lady she enabled the removal of emotional debris and hooks and I have not had a recurrence of these dreams since. I would totally recommend her to anyone.

Willow from Dorset, UK